Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a Lifetime

Photography E-Book - $50

What's included

  • A beautiful 104 page eBook on the interplay of composition and storytelling to help you improve your albums and galleries
  • A 18 page PDF with 7 exercises to improve your storytelling skills
  • 1 shooting video during a family session
  • 1 pull back video
  • 2 culling videos
  • 1 video of images being critiqued
  • 60 minutes of bonus editing videos
  • Bonus presets created by Annick
  • Bonus pdf “Enhancing your family album”
  • Bonus pdf “My thoughts on post-processing”
  • Bonus pdf “Annick’s cheat sheet”

What you'll learn

Learn to compose stories that last a lifetime and how to turn a fleeting moment into a timeless one!  From composing with intention to carefully shooting like a hunter, I will help you improve your composition and storytelling skills. You’ll go behind the scenes with me during a family session to see how I compose on the fly to create timeless stories.  Then you’ll watch me cull down through moments and add my finishing touches in Lightroom!

You are a storyteller. Come join our tribe!

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