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I am a Québec family photographers who love capturing the connections and emotions in every day life, in a documentary approach. I adore to capture the essence of a family, their rituals and funny moments, and most of all the bond that brings their unique tribe together. I'm based in Québec, aka Maple Syrup Heaven. Psst. Wonder who is Simon? He's my partner and my "VP Technology". ;)


vivid and tender photographer

ClickPro and Lensbaby ambassador, Annick is a visual storyteller who likes infusing everyday life with something unique. Most of the times, she will use intentional blur to tell fleeting, vivid and timeless stories. She is the author of the photography e-course Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a lifetime and loves mentoring other photographers. She is based in Canada in the beautiful Québec city.

Photo credit : Chen Zeng from Sunny Photographe

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